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Shine Polymer and Thermoplastic Additive: A Match Made in Israel

Have you ever wondered how a small thermoplastic additive can make a big impact? Well, let me introduce you to Shine Polymer, an Israeli company that has mastered the art of creating innovative thermoplastic additives. Trust me, this is not your average chemistry lesson!

The Rise of Shine Polymer

In 2022, Shine Polymer opened its new plant in Zhuhai, covering an impressive area of 35,051 square meters. With a production capacity of 14,000 MT/year for Impact Modifier, 3,000 MT/year for Anti-dripping agent, and 2,000 MT/year for Polymer Processing Aids; it’s safe to say that they mean business! As an ISO9001 certified high-tech enterprise with applications in plastics, rubber and electronic chemicals – Shine Polymer is definitely shining bright.

Market Promotion: Taking Over the World One Additive at a Time

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Shine Polymer‘s market promotion strategy – it’s their determination to conquer the global market. Their products have reached numerous countries around the world including but not limited to China (of course), Germany and even my own backyard – the United States! It seems like no country can resist the charm of these thermoplastic additives.

Export Country: From Tel Aviv to Tokyo

You might be wondering which countries are lucky enough to experience the wonders of Shine Polymer’s thermoplastic additives. Well my friend, let me tell you – their reach knows no bounds! From Tel Aviv to Tokyo and everywhere in between; these little additives are making waves across continents.

Coverage of Product: More Than Meets The Eye

Don’t be fooled by their small size, Shine Polymer’s thermoplastic additives have a wide range of applications. From enhancing the glossiness of automotive materials to improving electrical/electronic components and even finding their way into appliances – these additives are like superheroes for your plastic products.

Customers: The Additive Enthusiasts

If you’re wondering who is crazy enough to fall head over heels for thermoplastic additives, look no further than Shine Polymer’s customers. These additive enthusiasts come from various industries such as automotive, electronics, and even business machines. It seems like everyone wants a piece of the thermoplastic action!

Applications: Where Innovation Meets Plastic

Electronic Appliances: A Touch of Brilliance

Extrusion Process Additives: Making Extrusion Great Again

Automobiles: Driving with Style and Safety

Shinepoly® ASA is widely used in automotive materials. It is recommended for use in high gloss PC/ASA, PMMA/ASA and ASA applications. Whether it’s painted automotive parts or electrical/electronic components – this additive adds that extra shine to make your ride truly stand out.

The Magic Behind Thermoplastic Additives

In conclusion, Shine Polymer has proven that when it comes to thermoplastic additives – size doesn’t matter! With their innovative products reaching global markets and captivating customers from various industries, they have definitely made a name for themselves in the world of plastics. So next time you see a shiny plastic product, remember that there might just be a little bit of Israeli magic behind it!</p

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