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Binh Dinh cockfighting is a form of entertainment organized into a large festival, with elite fighters participating. The state has allowed this locality to organize a public and legal tournament, gathering many veteran cockfighters to participate. Together Link vào New88 Learn more about this event as well as the traditional form of cockfighting.

History of Binh Dinh cockfighting form

Cockfighting has a long history, passed down from the reign of King Quang Trung – Nguyen Hue. Up to now, it is still a typical form of entertainment of this land, becoming an important part of cultural life in Binh Dinh.

People here raise fighting cocks not only for entertainment purposes but also to maintain and preserve traditional cultural beauty. Binh Dinh cockfighting association has been reviewed and licensed by the government to be held openly and legally. Therefore, many cockfighters from other regions have come here to participate. Let’s learn about the details of this festival in the content below.

Learn about Binh Dinh cockfighting festival

The Folk Cockfighting Festival – Binh Dinh will be held for the first time in 2023, taking place from August 21 – 25. Not only is it a regular Binh Dinh cockfighting contest, the organizers also divide it into many different contents. Including the feather cutting competition of young chickens, feather glueing competition, upper beak bracing competition, feather tying competition, feather grafting competition for fighting cocks; stitching the lower beak for cocks during competition; competition in cutting ear ticks, sewing ear ticks for young chickens, traditional cock fighting competition, water making competition for fighting cocks…

Binh Dinh cockfighting game and raising fighting cocks is a form of entertainment art imbued with the culture of the people of this martial arts country and many other provinces. Usually, cockfighting festivals are held before and after the Lunar New Year.

The art of cockfighting is constantly promoted over time, the cultural beauty is always preserved and preserved. This is the driving force to contribute and arouse the passion of many cockfighters and people in production labor. It helps bond the community more and more firmlyBinh Dinh cockfightingnot only famous in the region but also known by people nationwide.

The attraction of Binh Dinh cockfighting festival at New88

Here, the art of fighting becomes more and more professional as the fighting moves of the fighting cocks are carefully recorded. This festival also brings many other meanings besides the purpose of entertainment and preserving national identity.

The purpose of the festival in Binh Dinh

The purpose of the Binh Dinh cockfighting festival is to restore folk games, preserve precious fighting breeds, and create a healthy playground for people with the same passion for raising fighting cocks. It also contributes to economic development and improves the spiritual life of people inside and outside the region.

The Folk Cockfighting Festival has attracted the attention of many people from different localities, at home and abroad, including Thailand, the Philippines…

Currently, people here still preserve many folk games. This festival will restore and preserve identity, develop games, and create a healthy playground. In the near future, the locality will prepare documents to proceed to the process of requesting UNESCO to honor Binh Dinh cockfighting as an intangible cultural heritage.

The attraction of cockfighting

After the festival opened, many artisans demonstrated the process of making costumes for fighting cocks. They help protect during competitions such as weaving baskets and cages; The secret to overcoming fate to promote the beauty of a traditional profession, contributing to the profession of caring for fighting cocks.
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Many matches took place, making viewers feel eye-catching and enjoy fierce and dramatic emotions. All fighting cocks are carefully selected before going on the floor, ensuring their health and balance.

Chickens with eye-catching colorful feathers deliver precise blows that make viewers unable to take their eyes off. Many units also came to this arena to ask for permission to broadcast live for people with the same passion who cannot come to the festival to watch live. Ensuring sharp video quality, multiple angles for you to fully enjoy.

Above is detailed information about the form of cockfighting in Binh Dinh and the festival that has been held publicly. Hopefully this article helps readers better understand this type of entertainment that is being preserved and developed by the people of Binh Dinh. In addition, in Vietnam there are also many other forms of millet fighting such as bamboo cock fighting, chicken fighting… Please visit the homepage to read more related articles to expand your knowledge.

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