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Illuminate with Precision using Light Sky’s Mini LED Spot – Scope Beam

Light Sky‘s dedication to innovation and quality shines through in the Scope Beam series, offering precise and powerful lighting solutions. With features like extensive pan/tilt movement and high-resolution control, these mini LED spot lights deliver stunning visual effects. Light Sky’s Scope Beam is the perfect choice for professionals and enthusiasts seeking unparalleled performance. Discover the transformative power of mini LED spot lights and elevate your lighting design with Light Sky.

Extensive Pan/Tilt Movement for Versatile Lighting

Scope Beam mini LED spot lights provide extensive pan/tilt movement, allowing you to precisely position the light beam. With a pan range of 540° and a tilt range of 250°, these lights offer flexibility and versatility in directing the illumination. The pan/tilt resolution of 2.11°/0.98° ensures smooth and accurate movements, enabling you to create dynamic lighting displays and captivating effects. Light Sky’s Scope Beam mini LED spot lights give you full control over the direction and focus of your lighting, empowering you to enhance the ambiance of any space.

Power and Portability in a Compact Design

Light Sky’s Scope Beam mini LED spot lights pack a powerful punch in a compact form factor. With a voltage range of AC100-240V and a power consumption of 350W, these lights deliver impressive brightness and intensity. The DMX and RDM connectors, available in locking 3-pin or 5-pin XLR IN/OUT options, ensure secure and reliable connections for seamless integration into your lighting setup. The Seetronic power connector offers convenient one in, one out connectivity. Despite their power, Scope Beam mini LED spot lights maintain a compact size, with dimensions of 380x280x529mm and a net weight of 18.8kg per piece. Light Sky’s Scope Beam lights are designed for portability and ease of installation, making them ideal for various applications.


Light Sky’s Scope Beam Mini LED Spots are game-changers in the world of lighting design. With extensive pan/tilt movement, high-resolution control, and a compact design, these lights offer unmatched precision and versatility. Whether you’re designing a stage production, setting up a nightclub, or creating immersive visual displays for special events, Scope Beam mini LED spot lights provide the power and flexibility you need. Experience the brilliance of Light Sky’s Scope Beam and unlock the full potential of your lighting design.

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