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Hanshow Smart Trolley: Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience

Hanshow‘s Smart Trolley solution transforms the traditional shopping cart into a multi-functional tool that optimizes both retailer operations and the customer shopping experience. With built-in screens and innovative features, the smart shopping trolley offer in-store navigation, targeted promotions, self-checkout capabilities, and much more.

Upgrade to Smart Trolley Solutions

While traditional shopping carts serve the basic function of transporting goods, Hanshow’s Smart Trolley takes it to the next level. With a built-in screen and a basket base scale, customers can enjoy a range of features that enhance their shopping journey.

Loss Prevention at Your Fingertips

The base of the smart trolley is equipped with a scale that detects discrepancies between scanned items and the actual products placed in the cart. If an item hasn’t been scanned or doesn’t match the scanned quantity, a red signal light flashes on the cart, ensuring loss prevention for retailers and maintaining accurate inventory.

Efficient Self-Checkout

Gone are the days of waiting in line at the manual registers. The smart trolley’s self-checkout feature allows customers to scan and pay for their items directly through the trolley. This streamlined process saves time and provides convenience, making the shopping experience more efficient.

Additional Benefits for Customers

Hanshow’s Smart Trolley Solution goes beyond the expected by offering even more benefits. For example, the trolley includes a built-in phone charger, ensuring that customers can stay connected while shopping. The screen also features a search function, helping customers quickly locate products, as well as a navigation function that provides the optimal picking route for their shopping list items.


Hanshow’s Smart Trolley Solution revolutionizes the shopping experience by transforming traditional shopping carts into intelligent and multi-functional tools. With features such as in-store navigation, targeted promotions, self-checkout capabilities, and membership benefits, these smart shopping trolleys enhance both retailer operations and customer satisfaction. Loss prevention measures, personalized product recommendations, and additional conveniences like built-in phone chargers further contribute to a seamless and efficient shopping journey. Hanshow’s Smart Trolley Solution sets a new standard for smart retail, providing retailers with innovative tools to engage customers and offering shoppers an enhanced and personalized shopping experience.

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