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Ladies, it’s time to put your brows on fleek! Benefit Cosmetics is back with their latest brow product lineup and we’re ready for a #BenefitBrowTryouts5. Whether you have sparse or bushy brows, this post is dedicated to showing you how to achieve flawless arches that will transform your entire look. Get ready to say goodbye to uneven, over-plucked or too-thin eyebrows as we dive into the world of brow shaping and filling with some exciting new products from Benefit Cosmetics. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started on our journey toward picture-perfect brows!

What is Benefit Brow Tryouts?

Benefit Brow Tryouts are a new way to get your brows done at Benefit. They’re a chance to try out different brow products and see how they look on your face. Benefit Brow Tryouts are available online now and in select stores starting June 4th.

What are the Benefits of Benefit Brow Tryouts?

  1. Benefit Brow Tryouts offer customers the opportunity to test out different brow products and receive personalized feedback on how to create the perfect brows.

    2. Benefit Brow Tryouts are a great way for customers to learn about different brow products and find the best option for their needs.

    3. Benefit Brow Tryouts also provide customers with an opportunity to see how various brow styles look on different faces, which can help them determine which style is best suited for them.

    4. Benefit Brow Tryouts are a great way for customers to get tips and advice from experienced professionals on how to create the perfect brows.

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How to Participate in Benefit Brow Tryouts?

If you want to try out Benefit’s new brow product, Benefit Brow Tryouts are available!
Starting on July 13th and running until August 10th, 2016, Benefit is offering BBT members the chance to try out the company’s new brow products. All you need to do is sign up for a free account at and create an account with your shipping address. From there, you’ll be able to join the waitlist for Benefit Brow Tryouts and request a kit.

Once you have your kit, all you have to do is try the products out and let us know what you think! You can also submit your photos through social media using the hashtag #benefitbrowtryouts or email them to [email protected]. We hope to see some great brows during this trial period!

Benefit Brow Tryouts 5

What to Expect When Participating in Benefit Brow Tryouts?

When you attend a Benefit Brow Tryout, you’ll get to see the full range of products and services that Benefit Cosmetics has to offer. Benefit Brow Tryouts are typically held at select locations across the United States, so check the website for specifics on when and where they will be offered in your area.

During the tryout, you’ll get to use different shades of brow powder, wax strips, and brushes to see what works best for your brows. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions about Benefit’s products and services. More Post Vist.

Benefit Brow Tryouts are a great way to learn more about Benefit Cosmetics and their range of eyebrow products. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of what works best for your brows and what options are available to you. If you’re interested in participating in a Benefit Brow Tryout, keep an eye on the website for details on upcoming events!

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